Culture of Corruption

Who am I? I’m Carl Samsock, a prior CIA officer and whistleblower who uncovered and reported widespread corruption, abuses of power, and the CIA’s role in illegal FISA warrants. My story is shocking and a warning to every American that our freedoms and the integrity of our way of life are under attack by a group of entrenched bureaucrats focused only on the accumulation of power and personal greed. They are commonly referred to as the Deep State.

American’s should not be surprised by the ongoing revelations that the US Intelligence Community has been weaponized widely violating basic Constitutional rights of its citizens and used to target the will of the people by targeting and attempting to remove through conspiracy a sitting US President. How has our country so quickly found itself resembling third world banana republics or Communist totalitarian regimes like China and Russia? How is that no one within the NSA, CIA, or FBI has come forward to support the collusion and illegal spying allegations that President Trump has long maintained? The truth of the matter is whistleblowers have come forward, putting their careers, their pensions and yes their livelihoods at risk. These patriots have come forward despite the risks but have been largely successfully gaged usually by a combination of the threat of violation some national security law or for simple fear of being blacklisted. The fact is the intelligence community effectively has been targeting whistleblowers who complain of discrimination, corruption, and serious violations of law. My case is unique in both the duration, the level of corruption, and the extent those who felt threatened retaliated putting national security behind greed and their attempts to silence a “trouble maker” unwilling to “play the game.”

The corruption runs to the top of the CIA. I had contacted, via internal CIA email, Directors Brennan, Pompeo, and finally Director CIA Gina Haspel to request a formal investigation with DOJ participation into FISA abuses and retaliation that threaten our National Security. Unclassified internal documents are here.

I had hoped that the organization in which I had joined almost 20 years prior would have leaders of integrity, but what I discovered is corruption that is rampant with leaders hand picked as those willing to “play the game.” often putting greed before the safety of the American people. Play the game was a common working level reference to how seemingly ordinary and often borderline incompetent individuals managed to rise through the ranks. At CIA, to progress too many of the Agency’s key positions required questionable ethics or at minimum the ability to look the other way while seniors acted to enrich theirselves at the expense of national security, the Constitution, and the rule of law.

2 thoughts on “Culture of Corruption

  1. I would like to state that our goverment is so deep with corruption it’s to late the clean this shit up we are done ! It breaks my heart to write this but the way I see it we have no chance if fixing this even Donald Trump are sitting POTUS is barely hanging in there . And with the outcome of this election there is going to be KAOS for the Demorats will not admit to defeat and either will the people so all I can pray for is whatever to happen I ask god to protect the people I love and pray it comes to an end quickly . Lord I plea with you hear my prayer for with out you in our lives there is no hope for our future may God bless America the greatest country ever !


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